• Megan Kaiser

Prairie Ridge Celebrates 1 Year!

Prairie Ridge opened its doors 1 year ago this month and I would like to reflect back on a great first year. Forty-eight people call our community at Prairie Ridge home. Some residents are new to us and others have been with us from the beginning. We had five residents join us that very first week and I’m sure they would tell you quite a bit has changed.

Our community has added a number of regular activities and traditions. Since opening the doors we have added a “swim team”. Now we do not have a pool at Prairie Ridge, but we have a group we take to the Ramada biweekly to swim and water walk. Prairie Ridge also offers a walking club, book club, billiards club, cinema club, field trips throughout the tri-states and our lunch bunch that tries a new restaurant twice a month. These are just some of the regular activities that have been added to our weekly agenda since August 2017.

Not only have our activities evolved, but so has our dining experience. With resident input we have been able to create menus that make you feel you are out to dinner one night and the next enjoying a home cooked meal! The culinary team also offers nightly specials, themed buffets and specialty dinners. We also provide a number of delicious desserts and pastries.

If you have not joined us in any of our activities or think you might have other suggestions to add to our list, be sure to reach out to us. We love having fun and want to keep building on our amenities at Prairie Ridge.

Prairie Ridge is definitely a lifestyle change, but if you ask our residents I think they would tell you it’s for the better! “They say age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body!” ------ Author Unknown


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