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Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Prairie Ridge of Galena is enrolled in Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program for COVID-19 Vaccination which provides end-to-end management of the COVID-19 vaccination process, including cold chain management, on-site vaccinations, and fulfillment of reporting requirements, to facilitate safe vaccination of the community. The Prairie Ridge management team has been quick to respond and put in many measures including procuring testing kits early in the pandemic, adding screening tools and procedures, increasing cleaning and sanitation schedules, ensuring adequate inventory of PPE, requiring masks in communal areas and strategically placing sanitation stations around facility for safety of all staff and residents. We continuously strive to take every available and appropriate step to help keep our residents and employees safe during this pandemic. However, even with the preventative measures in place, the accessibility of a vaccine is by far the most promising development thus far in our ability to protect our community.

We are grateful that the CDC has recommended prioritizing vaccination for long-term care facilities and we will maintain communication with our pharmacy partners on the upcoming procurement and distribution plans. We will strongly advocate that all residents and team members participate in the vaccine program, subject to and consistent with federal, state, and local public health laws and guidelines as they evolve. We recognize this is a dynamic situation and we will keep monitoring as changes occur. We appreciate your patience and cooperation, and we will communicate more as information becomes available to us.


Megan Kaiser

Executive Director Prairie Ridge of Galena

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